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15% OFF + 1 FREE | Canada Fresh Wet Food for Cats - Salmon


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15% OFF + 1 FREE | Canada Fresh Wet Food for Cats - Salmon

Canada Fresh Salmon Cat canned food is made with all Canadian-sourced natural and science ingredients. A nutritional grain-free pate is made using one single meat protein, duck, with peas, salmon oils and natural vitamins and minerals. Rich in glucosamine, amino acids, fatty acids , vitamins and minerals that sustain cats in their fun-filled day with joints, skin and coat and the essential nutrients.

Canada Fresh is also giving back to Canada and our environment, with a small amount being donated to Nature Conservancy Canada with each case of Canada Fresh cat or dog canned food purchased. NCC is a private , non-profit organization and is the leading national land conservation group in Canada, holding the vast land of Canada protected and protecting wildlife and plant life.

95 percent Fresh Meat: Each can is composed of 95 percent fresh meat, offering the nutrition your pet requires naturally. It's food the way nature meant it to be.

Scientific Nutrition: At every life stage, each Canada Fresh formula is clinically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.


  • Grain free, single protein – 95% salmon
  • Natural source of Glucosamine, amino acid, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals
  • Ingredients sourced and made in Canada
  • Suitable for all life stages



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