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10% OFF | CheckUp Test Kit for Cats


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10% OFF | CheckUp Test Kit for Cats

Among domestic cats, including elevated glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infection, and blood in the urine, CheckUp may recognize the most common problems. To avoid health deterioration and improve the longevity of your cat, you can detect a health problem in time by using CheckUp. You may also monitor the health of your cat, as required by a veterinarian.

Sand is the natural environment for cats, enabling fast enforcement to be accomplished by our product. Much like regular sand, the hydrophobic sand feels and smells, so when sample collection is needed, cats are very cooperative.


  • Easy and one-time use home wellness test for cats.
  • Tests for high glucose levels, kidney failure, UTI and blood in urine.
  • Ideal for aging & overweight cats.
  • 60 Second testing.
  • Developed by Kit4Cat Veterinary Products.

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