Epidermis Prime EP Pharma Mineral Soap Bar


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Epidermis Prime EP Pharma Mineral Soap Bar

EP Pharma Mineral Soap Bar is formulated to be effective in combating various persistent skin problems like yeast, fungus, hotspot and mange. It has nature’s potent anti-bacteria properties for skin health.  This product can be used independently or alternate with EP Pharma Anti-Bacterial shampoo based on the pet’s skin type and the dis-ease conditions. It may cause dryness of skin due to the mineral compositions. Color of the soap bar is derived from the natural mineral color.


  • Eradicates yeasty and seborrheic skin problems

  • Fast acting on bacterial and fungi issues

  • Natural repellent against mites, fleas and ticks

  • Clears away scaly and flaky skin cells

  • Protection and maintenance of skin health

Active Ingredients:

Sea Minerals

Trace minerals of the deep ocean includes magnesium, sodium, iron and sulphur. Sea minerals are known to detox and heal skin disorders, maintaining the chemical balance of the skin, stimulating blood circulation and disinfecting against microbials. The popular sodium (sodium chloride) in skincare cleansing products acts to deep cleanse and restore protective barrier for healing and skin health. It is also a good skin exfoliator to safely soften and rid skin flakes.


Sulphur is an effective ingredient in many skin health product formulas to counteract persistent fungi and bacteria invasion. Its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and keratolytic effects on skin has demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of many dermatological conditions.

Direction of Use:

Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water. Rub the soap onto the coat and work up a good lather. Take care not to get the lather into the eyes and prevent ingestion. Massage well onto the skin surface and leave on for five minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water. Gently pat dry or blow dry with cool air if needed.


Few cases of dry skin conditions reported on delicate thinned-skin areas, like folds and inner thighs. After alternating the product with EP Pharma shampoo, the dry skin issue improved and efficacy of the combo on skin health improvement is observed. The product may act fast to improve bad skin condition but daily usage is not recommended, unless bad skin condition is severe. Monitor skin reaction and make sure to rinse lather off thoroughly.

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