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For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner Refill 2L


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For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner Refill 2L
For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner Refill 2L

For Furry Friends’ Toy & Fabric Cleaner is created using latest Japan Technology’s 100% electrolyzed water to wash pet’s toys, fabrics and even stained clothing without any surfactant, chemical, foam & toxin that may cause skin irritation or even diarrhoea after chewing on toys washed with chemical products.

After washing, it will revive the toy & fabrics into their most natural state: Unscented and Clean without any Taste, which most chemical-based detergent could not achieve no matter how many times you rinse them.

The main reason why we R&D this product is: “You won’t let babies chew on any toy or fabric being washed with harsh detergent or softener right? It is the same for our furkids!”

The uniqueness of For Furry Friends Toy & Fabric Cleaner:

  • Kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Virus l Eliminates Bad Odour
  • Foamless, yet able to achieve great results
  • Suitable for all fabrics, soft and hard toys
  • Able to use hand wash or pre-machine wash
  • Recommended to use in replacing chemical-based soap or detergent
  • Suitable for small animals’ toys and fabrics.

Content: 2L of 100% Electrolyzed Water (Refill)

Buy our refill pack to top up our bottles, reduce plastic waste for a better and greener environment!

How to handwash using Toy & Fabric Cleaner (with our bottle):

1. Add 2.5 capful with 1000mls or 1.25 capful with 500mls bucket of water (recommended ratio for best results)

2. Hand wash hard/soft toys & fabrics such as clothes, collars, harnesses, and accessories.

3. (Optional) Rinse with water till water is clear.

How to remove tough stains using Toy & Fabric Cleaner:

1. Apply a few drops of Toy & Fabric Cleaner (concentrate) onto stained spots.

2. Hand Wash as instructed above or simply throw into the washing machine to wash normally

3. Repeat step 1 to 2 if required

Things that are great to wash with Toy & Fabric Cleaner: Toys, Clothing, Leash, Harness, Collar, Bandana, and even Towels. (and many more to explore)

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