Freeze Dry Australia Salmon Bellies


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Freeze Dry Australia Salmon Bellies
Freeze Dry Australia Salmon Bellies
  • Single ingredient
  • Gently freeze-dried
  • High in nutrients 

Salmon belly is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for skin and coat health in both cats and dogs.

Available in 100g/pack.

Founded by two Michelin-trained chefs with over 30 years of experience, Freeze Dry Australia marries the finest livestock and ingredients sourced from all over Australia with the best freeze-drying methods to produce exquisite pet foods and treats that are wholesome, nutrient-rich, highly palatable, and completely free of artificial preservatives.
This Australian-made pet food brand utilises a gentle yet effective freeze-drying process that retains nutritional conteng, consistency and flavours of the ingredients used, ensuring that your cat or dog receives optimal levels of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre in its diet.
Manufactured in a state-of-art facility in Melbourne, Australia that boasts food safety certifications from HACCP and PrimeSafe, all of Freeze Dry Australia’s products are made with utmost integrity to deliver uncompromising taste and nutrition to your furkids.

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