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Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g


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Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g
Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g
Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g
Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g
Make-Your-Own Meal - 250g

You call the shot to what goes into the cooking pot. You can now customise a wholesome meal for your beloved furkid(s) with all their favourite ingredients! Select at least 1 protein and 3 vegetables of your choice, and why not an additional protein or supplement to better complete the meal? Each meal consist of 70% of meat, and 30% of veg. Additionally, our meal comes with a little broth that is slowly simmered from the process of cooking. 

Feeding Guidelines: 

Recommended portion of 250g - 300g for a 4kg dog per day. (Estimated of 75g/kg) 

Heat up each meal by placing in hot water for 2-5 mins, or 10 mins for bigger packets. Or, defrost in room temperature water and lightly microwave/steam. Meals are best served warm! 

Storage Guidelines:

Meal can be stored safely in the fridge for up to 3 days, and up to 3 months in the freezer. Do not refreeze meals if fully thawed, do not refreeze any remaining food that has been heated up. 

Weight: 250g

Delivered every Saturday and Sunday. Last order on every Thursday. Be sure to order by Thursday to receive them on the same Saturday/Sunday! 

Recommended to order a week portion till the next order.


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