20% OFF | Nusentia Enzyme Miracle Supplement for Cats & Dogs


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20% OFF | Nusentia Enzyme Miracle Supplement for Cats & Dogs
20% OFF | Nusentia Enzyme Miracle Supplement for Cats & Dogs
20% OFF | Nusentia Enzyme Miracle Supplement for Cats & Dogs
20% OFF | Nusentia Enzyme Miracle Supplement for Cats & Dogs
Enzyme Miracle® is a multi-tasking natural enzyme supplement to help match a wild diet and complete your pet's digestive process.

Immediate support for the pancreas, gut, and metabolic functions.

Expect improved nutrient absorption, reduced toxin build-up and inflammation.

Complete support against digestive stress, yeast, allergies, pancreatic issues, and more.

Ideal for dogs and cats of all ages.

Great for puppies and kittens, too.

95% agreed that Enzyme Miracle® improved their pet's digestive issues, reduced shedding, and food intolerances.

How does it work?
Enzymes bring complete digestion to your pet's meal, helping break up toxins, yeast, fungi, and bacteria that builds up over time.

Improved elimination and digestion provides the best defense against developing food allergies and food intolerances.

With better metabolic support, the body is streamlined to keep inflammation and excess shedding at a minimum.

Ideal for dogs and cats of all ages and stages. Recommended especially for senior pets, and pets fed a processed/cooked diet.

Veterinarian recommended.
Made in the USA at FDA and NASC approved facility.
Biologically appropriate.
Easy to use.
Quality inspected.
No byproducts.
No maltodextrin.
No animal digest.
No rendered meats or meat meals.
No preservatives.
No dyes.
No gluten or corn.


Protease 4.5 21000 HUT.
Amylase 3500 DU.
Diastase 1500 DP°.
Lipase 500 FIP.
Protease 3.0 50 SAPU.
Protease 6.0 4000 HUT.
Cellulase 200 CU.
Bromelain 120000 FCCPU.
Beta-Glucanase 10 BGU.
Peptidase 500 HUT.
Hemicellulase 200 HCU.
Calcium 24 mg.
Magnesium 9.7 mg.
Copper (Copper Glycinate Chelate) < 1 mg.
Manganese (as Manganese Chelazome®) <1 mg.
*percent daily values not established.

Other Ingredients:
Beet root fiber.

Feeding Instructions
Step 1 – Add Enzyme Miracle® to your dog's or cat's food.
The serving size of Enzyme Miracle® is very small (approx 1/2 tsp), and there's a pre-measured scoop located inside your canister. Add 1 scoop per cup of pet food at each meal.

Step 2 – Mix and Serve.
The powder will disappear in your pet's food and there's virtually no taste, so there's little chance they'll notice it in there.

You can add more or less depending on your pet's condition.

Animals given supplemental enzymes are known to have reduced elimination and more natural energy. By streamlining the digestive process your pet may eat less while maintaining healthy weight. Notice less signs of digestive stress, such as less shedding and gassiness.

Results may be immediate, every animal is different and will respond on their own timeline. We suggest 5-6 weeks of consistent use to establish lasting improvement. Then, continue the supplements daily for ongoing wellness.

As with any positive diet change, you can expect to see a change in stool and gas at first. In many cases, elimination and gas will increase while the body detoxifies existing pathogens; understand this is temporary. For some animals, this detox period may be more than they (or you) can comfortably handle, and in this case, we suggest starting off with a fraction of a serving and gradually increasing over the course of a few weeks while your pet adapts.

By weeks 4 to 6, you should notice much better health.

What is the difference between enzymes and probiotics?
Simply stated, enzymes are proteins and probiotics are living organisms. Enzymes can be produced in the body in various organs, while probiotics cannot be produced in the body. Enzymes are necessary for digestion and other metabolic functions, while probiotics are essential for a healthy microbiome and play a major role in immune health.

Do I need to refrigerate Enzyme Miracle?
Refrigeration is not recommended. Store Enzyme Miracle in a cool, dry place.

I feed my pet a raw diet, does my pet still need digestive enzymes?
Your raw fed pet can still benefit from enzyme supplementation since there is an amount of enzymes lost in the freezing and handling of their food. Additional enzymes can be used for metabolic functions and breaking down possible allergens that may be lingering in the body.

Enzymes are also known to benefit pets suffering from the reaction of flea bite saliva.

Is Enzyme Miracle safe for puppies and kittens?
Yes. Enzyme Miracle can benefit puppies and kittens, too. Simply follow the dosing chart: 1 scoop per cup of pet food. If your pet eats less than a cup of food at a time, you can estimate the amount of enzymes for less than 1 scoop without risk of "over-doing" it.

What do all these enzymes do for my pet?
Digestive enzymes are very specific and only digest specific materials or foods. For this reason, we've supplied a list of each enzyme and how it helps your pet streamline his entire body for maximum health.

Enzyme Miracle® also supplies key minerals in the right amounts for better absorption and delivery of the enzymes. No other enzyme supplement goes to such lengths to support pet digestion.

Explanation of enzyme benefits and activity:
PROTEASES: Some of the most important enzymes in your dog’s digestion for catalyzing the digestion of proteins and their reduction into amino acids. Processed proteins in dog food are difficult for your dog to digest and create an “immune reaction” when the proper enzymes are not present. With plant-based protease 3.0, 6.0, and 4.5 added to the meal, the breaking down of these robust proteins into amino acids happens earlier and make them more bio-available to your dog.

AMYLASE: Responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into sugars for energy and body systems.

DIASTASE: (also a type of amylase) A key enzyme for breaking down certain carbohydrates to maltose, making more energy available from your dog’s meal.

LIPASE: Metabolizes fats and triglycerides for best cardiovascular and neural health.

CELLULASE: Breaks down fiber, which is a difficult process for dogs naturally. Without cellulase present in the diet, your dog relies mostly on fermentation to break down cellulose fiber which limits his ability to use its energy and eliminate toxins.

HEMICELLULASE: A sub-class of cellulase which breaks down the cell walls of plants. Plant fibers can be a challenge for dogs, hemicellulase remove the internal fermentation process many dogs use to break down the modern diet.

BROMELAIN: Has both systemic and digestive enzyme properties. Bromelain is a protein digesting enzyme which is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Excellent for aging or arthritic dogs.

BETA-GLUCANASE: A systemic and digestive enzyme necessary for breaking down fiber, fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Hugely beneficial for dogs battling yeast, candida, and gas associated with poor digestion.

PEPTIDASE: A sub-call of proteolytic metabolizing enzymes (protein digesting), catalyzes peptides to amino acids.

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