Pets Truly 3-in-1 Complete Treatment Bundle


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Pets Truly 3-in-1 Complete Treatment Bundle

Spray in the day, advanced healing at night.

Advanced pet care in a pack.

Treatment and daily hygiene made easy with this bundle, with consideration to pets’ behaviours as well as the nature of the condition(s). Spraying the solution in the day and applying the Hydrogel at night for uncomplicated conditions allows your pets to go about their daily routine, without worries that they may lick away the Hydrogel making reapplication(s) inconvenient for you.

The spray helps to constantly facilitate availability of colloidal silver throughout the day, ensuring the condition is well controlled and encourage progress, while the Hydrogel delivers the needed impact overnight when your pet is less active.

The dropper bottle is indicated for convenient direct application to the eyes and ears.

Bundle includes:

  • 1 bottle of Advanced Healing Colloidal Silver Hydrogel (100ml)
  • 1 bottle of Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water Spray (100ml)
  • 1 bottle of Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water eye/ear dropper bottle (20ml)

Product Properties:

  • Proven effectiveness for wounds and conditions with high pathogen load
  • Controlled release mechanism for impactful and sustained delivery
  • Rapid response to infected or hyper-inflamed skin conditions
  • Protect and seal injury site or lesions
  • Accelerates healing process to promote healthy tissue regeneration
  • Restores natural skin barrier function and improves cellular microenvironment
  • Suitable for use in oral-related conditions
  • Versatility for wide range of applications

Directions of Use:

Ensure direct access to area(s) with active condition (shave excess fur if needed). Gently clean and sanitise the area with Pet’s Truly Colloidal Silver in Electrolyzed Water spray and gauze, and/or with Pets Truly Hypoallergenic Wipes to remove any visible dirt, debris and exudate. Apply and spread hydrogel on the affected area (approximately 2mm layer). If dressing is required, spread the hydrogel liberally around the affected area(s) prior to placement of gauze and bandage.

*Dropper bottle to be discarded within 14 days after opening.

Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat and small animals (i.e. hamsters, guinea pigs, birds etc)


Store in a cool place away from direct exposure to heat, sunlight and electromagnetic fields. Do not refrigerate.

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