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Stefanplast Happy Kennel


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Stefanplast Happy Kennel

Create a comfortable home for your pet in seconds with the Stefanplast Happy Kennel in Deep Grey. The Happy Kennel is a stylish kennel with a simplistic, click-together design.  This kennel creates a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friend to rest in. It is also highly portable and can be used in any environment. Moreover, the Happy Kennel is highly resistant to heat, cold and UV, so it will always be a cozy and comfy house for your pet. The Stefanplast Happy Kennel comes in a cool deep grey colour and is fully made from non-toxic quality resin material. 

Key features:
  • Stylish and simple, click-together design
  • Creates a safe and comfy home for your pet to rest in
  • Highly portable
  • Highly resistant to heat, cold and UV
  • Cool deep grey colour


82 x 68 x H62 cm

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