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The Blep Club Pet Perfume - Spring Bloom


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The Blep Club Pet Perfume - Spring Bloom

This pet perfume will keep your paw friends smelling good at all times with just a few sprays. Smell, look and work just like a human perfume, how paw-some is that! 

Spring Bloom is a calming floral scent developed by the fragrance enthusiasts in The Blep Club. This scent is composed with Rose, Lavender, Musk and Cedarwood that leaves on a blooming pleasant scent, providing quality nap times for your paw friends and appeals to human senses.

Alcohol free | Vegan friendly | Safe pH | Silicone free | Paraben free | MCI/MI free | Formaldehyde free

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Organic Glycerin, Solubilizer, Essential Oil Fragrance, Colorant(Food Grade), Preservative   

Pet perfume user guide: Just like human perfume, spray the perfume about 5 inches away from your paw friend and spread the scent.


Inspired by human fragrances, safe for dogs over 3 months old and not pregnant. 

Please note: Our pet perfume is safe and suitable for both dogs and humans to use. All of our products are 100% natural except for the pet perfume. Our pet perfume is made of majority natural ingredients. We've used a common cosmetic preservative that makes up 0.5% of the pet perfume.  


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