Tropiclean Spa Lavish Nourish Pet Conditioner


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Tropiclean Spa Lavish Nourish Pet Conditioner
  • Warm vanilla
  • Milk thistle calm
  • Heals daily damage to paws 

Spa by TropiClean uses lavish formulas with calming aromatherapy that revitalise the skin and coat with natural ingredients. Each shampoo is soap free and gently cleans and moisturises your pet, leaving a lasting fragrance. Every pet deserves a day at the spa! 

Spa Lavish Nourish Pet Conditioner 

This luxurious pet conditioner with plant extracts and essential vitamins promotes hair sheen and capillary conditioning. The powerful blend of ginger, botanical moisturisers and warm vanilla help repair your pet’s coat. Anti-static agents calms the hair while the botanical emollients strengthen the coat, leaving the hair incredible revitalised, full and manageable! 

Available in 16 fl.oz. 

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