Tropiclean Spa Lavish Renew Pet Shampoo


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Tropiclean Spa Lavish Renew Pet Shampoo
  • Luscious white plum
  • Wheat protein nourishes coat
  • Energises and restores health

Spa by TropiClean uses lavish formulas with calming aromatherapy that revitalise the skin and coat with natural ingredients. Each shampoo is soap free and gently cleans and moisturises your pet, leaving a lasting fragrance. Every pet deserves a day at the spa! 

Spa Lavish Renew 

Coconut-derived cleanser with just the right amount of botanical emollients. Ginger and white plum will leave hair shiny, manageable and brilliantly clean! Contains deep moisturisers to nourish and restore pet’s skin and coat while leaving them with a long lasting, fruity and flora scent.

Available in 16 fl.oz.

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