Tropiclean Spa Lavish White Coat Pet Shampoo


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Tropiclean Spa Lavish White Coat Pet Shampoo
  • Comforting Lavender 
  • Naturally derived highlights
  • More intensity, less fading

Spa by TropiClean uses lavish formulas with calming aromatherapy that revitalise the skin and coat with natural ingredients. Each shampoo is soap free and gently cleans and moisturises your pet, leaving a lasting fragrance. Every pet deserves a day at the spa! 

Spa Lavish White Coat Pet Shampoo

Gently removes dulling build-up and residues that can make white coat look dingy or faded, while bringing out a bright shine for maximum impact. It refreshes and perfects colour to create a radiant glow. This shampoo intensifies glistening highlights and amplifies mega-watt shine without adding or depositing colour to your dog or cat’s coat. No bleach, peroxide, ammonia and alcohol.

Available in 16 fl.oz.

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