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Unicharm Deo-Toilet Litter System - Kitten


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Unicharm Deo-Toilet Litter System - Kitten
Introducing the No.1 Cat toiletry brand in Japan, Unicharm Deo Toilet Kitten Litter System Cat Litter Tray comes with lower front entry for kitten to easy access, and it can simply & effectively eliminate odour from your home with Japanese innovative dual odour block layer design, leaving your closed room smells fresh even after a week.

  • No.1 Cat Toiletry Brand in Japan.
  • Low front entry for Kitten.
  • Superior Odour Control, Easy to Clean.
  • Bottom layer absorbent pad change ONCE a Week*.
  • Top layer Zeolite pellet change ONCE a Month*.
  • Set includes 1 cat litter system, 1 pack of Zeolite Pellet Refill 1.5L* , 1 pack of Absorbent Pad Refill 4s and 1 scoop.
  • Top layer antibacterial zeolite pellet no clumps, lock moisture. immediately and keep surface dry.
  • Bottom Layer antibacterial absorbent pads absorbs urine and prevent unpleasant smell.
  • Monitor cat health condition through urine colour on bottom layer pad.
  • Pull & rotatable bottom tray

*Based on pet weight up to 8kg and use with Deo-Toilet Cat Litter System House. The result vary depends on the types of pet, weight and size, volume of urine and season.

Breed Size: All Sizes
Life Stage: Kitten
Dimensions: 42.5cm (W) x 33.5cm (D) x 16.5cm (H)

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