Washbar Travel Spritzer


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Washbar Travel Spritzer
Washbar Travel Spritzer
Washbar Travel Spritzer
  • Coat freshener or deodorant
  • 100% natural and alcohol free — ideal for sensitive skins
  • Travel fresh is a woodland fresh fragrance that appeals to almost everyone and great to use for natural flea control as it contains essential oils and Neem oil that are known to repel fleas and insects
  • Stay Calm is a great for calming dogs, cats, small pets and even humans and has a traditional Lavender fragrances that leaves a deliciously sweet and fresh scent between washes while Evening Primrose Oil helps to nourish the skin and coat
  • Easy to use spray trigger delivers an even spray and has a lock button
  • Can be sprayed directly onto bedding or furniture

Available in: Travel Fresh/Stay Calm


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