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Woof Box!


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Woof Box!
Woof Box!
Woof Box!
Woof Box!
Woof Box!
Woof Box!
Woof Box!

Subscribe to our monthly subscription box for surprises at your door. What better way to surprise your furkids with something new every month? 

Woofoo's Woof Box is specially handpicked, and curated based on what we know about your furkid(s). Every boxes is packed individually, with love. 

Why choose Woof Box, you ask?

  • For every subscriptions, Team Woofoo will keep record of a list of the products you received monthly, and we will make sure that we try to avoid repetitive product in your next box! 
  • Every boxes is made sure to be packed with quality and premium products, and even products that we personally love! 
  • Cost effective! Compared to getting each of the product individually at the retail store, getting a Woof Box saves you the extra moolahs, and even the hassle! 
  • No more running out of treats somedays! 

Types of Woof Box:

  • Basic 
  • Pro 
  • Pro Max 

Each box will consist 5-7 key products including treats or toys or accessories or wearables... basically anything or everything your furkid needs! 

** Product samples may be included if available, and is not considered as a KEY product!

Subscription Payment Cycle:

For subscriptions payment, we will only be able to accept payments via credit/debit cards at the moment. Payment will be charged to your card every 30 days. 

For one-time purchase, payments can be made with credit/debit card, PayPal or PayNow as usual! 


No obligations, as much as we hate to see you go! You can cancel your subscription plan anytime.