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Cruffs’ Bag My Poop Poop Bag Holder - Teal


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Cruffs’ Bag My Poop Poop Bag Holder - Teal

Annoyed with poop bags that can't clip onto your leash because your leash doesn't have a D-ring? Now you can with Bag My Poop.

Each Bag My Poop is handmade with high quality cotton yarn and tons of love to ensure each and every one of them is done right. The button closing is also designed to be easily looped on your bag, leash or even just hand carrying without fear that the bags will drop out unexpectedly during your walks.

Available in multiple different fun colours, there's bound to be one that will fit you and your dog for every occasion!

(Includes 1x Roll Poop Bag) 

Care instructions:

Hand wash recommended but can be machine washed as well. Simply throw it into a laundry bag and wash on the gentle cycle. Please do not put it in the dryer though.

As this is a crocheted product, it is natural for it to stretch. If it becomes too stretched out, you can wash it and let it air dry. It should shrink slightly.

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